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Top kit bore for silvers?

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  • Top kit bore for silvers?

    Just about to put my no1 sections back in my match kits and put 2 and 4 latex in them for winter through sectoins one and two.

    But last year rememberd having to lube my laccy quite a lot as it didn't always retract 100%.This can be a pain in minus 7 combined with speed fishing for bits.The tips have drennan internal bushes that you could put a 6 or 8 in so they are well cut back for 2 and 4 latex.

    Anyone ever tried leving the no1 out and putting the latex through the 2 and 3 sections?As i am thinking of trying it this year.

    Have sorted the problem of the massive bush required with thin laccy,tied a crows foot with some thin latex and maver 12-20 to give you a decent sized crows foot,also different coloured laccy to identify grades of latex.
    But not sure how it will work?
    Anyone shed some light on the subject??
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    Roll on friday

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    I was using the drennan internals at 6-8 but eventually hacked my no 1 back even further to take a larger stonfo internal. My 3 and 4 latex works fine through the top two.

    I've removed the no 1 section when fishing a 6 latex through 2 and 3 but used a decent sized connector as opposed to a crows' foot (probably a better option). The elastic works brilliantly.

    However, with latex at 4 and under I find it nice and stretchy when through the top 2 (very short no 1 section). Just wondering what it would be like if used through the 2 and 3 section and as to whether it would be too soft?


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      If i hack my no 1s back any more i would think that there is no point in putting whats left of it in the number 2!!
      This is with daiwa match kits.
      Softer the better for some of the blades we fish for,but bonus fish would be messy...
      Will be interesting to see what top silver anglers use?
      Next time i see one on the bank i will wrack his brains for him : )
      Roll on friday


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        Thats the only problem with cutting right back - needing to tie in another bit of elastic into the crows foot and them it looks like a right mess!

        Personally I just cut my silvers tips back just far enough to get an internal bush in - the smallest you can find, but I think the type of elastic makes a BIG difference, the Sensas stuff is head and shoulders above some of the other latex's out there and this used in 0.7 to 0.9 is magic and you never get any problems with it sticking so perhaps try getting your hands on some + it comes on 7M spools for £2.50 so its good value too.
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          Will do mate, been using maver latex so far.
          Roll on friday