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Maver Satanic X and 'Easy Flow' power kits

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  • Maver Satanic X and 'Easy Flow' power kits

    Hey all,

    Well I am in the market for the 'Easy Flow' Power Kit by Maver, and wondered if there was much/any difference between the 'Powerlite Easy Flow Universal' and the 'Easy Flow' Power Kit as advertised on the Maver website?

    I recently purchased a Satanic X Carp 13m and am looking to buy a couple of these Power kits to test out, however I do not know a) If the 'Easy Flow' Power Kit (NOT THE POWERLITE) will fit my pole, and b) If there is any difference between the two?

    If anyone can help it would be much appreciated

    Many thanks


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    anyone able to give me any insight apart from one having to drill a hole and the other a hole already present?

    Is one lighter and stiffer than the other? The universal is a little cheaper etc.


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      cant help you with your question but maybe you can help me....
      i have been looking at the satanic as im looking for a carp pole, how do you rate it??


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        I had the original (RED) Satanic power
        when i 1st got it i broke every power 2 @ the same spot 8 of them!!
        Maver changed them for a different top due to the fault ,after that i Never Broke anythng else it was ok @ 14.5m but struggled any longer .
        Strength could not be faulted 4 bites on peg 28 Brockamin bottom pool for 97lbs 11ozs biggest fish 28lbs 6ozs handled them all no problems
        100% confident in that pole my son has been using it until recenty Only thing i would recommend you do is put Maver saver or Preston shrink wrap on the 3,4,5,6 as they did wear very quickly


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          Cheers for the advice Col, I will post a smallish review ater in the year when I have used the pole.

          I take it nobody has compared the two 'Easy Flow Power' and 'Powerlite Power' versions of the Easy Flow top kits?

          Does nobody know if the suncore,lighter and stiffer Easy Flow performs better than the 'Powerlite' version?

          I am mostly interested with respect to my new Pole as mentioned, and any advice before purchase would be greatly appreciated. It would save me the travel to various tackle shops at lengthily distance, or at worst, the purchase of both to make a personal comparison.

          FostersofBirmingham stated that the Easy Flow (not the powerlite) does infact fit the Satanic X, but I want to know the particulars of whether it is stable (lighter and stiffer) with my pole, and how it compares to the Powerlite?

          Does using Suncore finish on non suncore finish poles have an effect?
          Last edited by Nick Newman; 5 August 2012, 10:48 PM.