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New box wanted help

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  • New box wanted help

    Hi all
    I'm after a new box the box has to have legs long enough to sit in the water because I don't carry a platform obviously I don't want to sit in 4ft just absolute max 2ft
    My budget is around 500 and don't want a space station!!
    I currently use a daiwa 100 with long legs but it's getting a bit old now !!
    Any help muchly appreciated !

  • #2
    the daiwa sb400 is good. very solid and good wheel kit.but there are a good few from several manufacturers upto your budget that are good.


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      Hi mate I'm selling a fox msb 2 euro with 6 extending legs footplate ,4 spirit levels around the box it's in excellent condition
      It's got 2 rig draws,deep draw ,shallow draw,2 Preston umbrella arms,Preston mega side tray with leg
      Preston pro roost ,Preston hard groundbait bowl with hoop,2 preston short keepnet arms,short Preston ripple bar with Preston pole catcher attached,long Preston ripple bar with a Preston rod rest attached,
      All in great condition
      Let me know if interested. It will save you some money to but a shuttle aswell to push it round in
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        how much do you want for box
        i dont suffer from insanity, i enjoy every minute of it


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          Sorry I like to buy all my gear new . I have looked at the 400 but I'm a little apprehensive about daiwas build quality on boxes ! I have had both corner blocks break on me on the front . They are only 2quid each to replace but trying to hold 16m all day with a tipping corner ... Not good!


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            have you had a look at the matrix seat box?


            • #7
              No I haven't dave anywhere in lincs got one in do you know ?
              I like the look of it and know fox are meant to be built properly !


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                pm Ian Kent at boston angling centre, he was going to get some in