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Advice on some rods please

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  • Advice on some rods please

    Hi All,

    I am in the process of going through my gear and after some new purchases i am thinking the following could be surplus.

    Could anyone advise on what they may be worth. Please just be honest, you will not upset me i can assure you, if they are not worth selling i will keep them

    Shimano Nexave medium feeder - 12ft - model no. Nexaxmdfr comes with 1,2 & 3 oz tips - mint condition

    Garbolino Rocket Carp feeder - 12ft x 2 come with 3 tips - mint condition ( i am aware these are budget rods but they are ok )

    Daiwa Spectron comp M2 Power quiver - 12ft - Model No. SM2 12PQ comes with 2 tips - Used twice

    Daiwa Spectron comp power quiver - 12ft - model no. SPL 12PQ comes with 2 tips - Used twice - As above these are great rods just don't like how they break down for the ready rod holdall

    Daiwa Carbo whisker advanced harrier 13ft x 2. Model no. CWM 13ST & CWM 13W - These are the stick float and waggler specials(Anyone remember the Trent).
    I know they are old rods but they are in mint condition having had very little use

    2 x Daiwa TDR 3012 both with spare spool - both in mint condition. Great reels but have 4 Red Arcs and prefer them

    As i said earlier, just be honest. I have a general idea what i would take for them but they owe me nothing and can quite easily keep them. TBH it is more about making room than money

    Thanks in advance for any advice.


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    ebay them - theyll find theyre own price -daiwa rods will make decent money expect the tdrs will make upper £80s i know the fees arent great but you ll find a much bigger audience - i know ebay isnt that popular because of the charges but its probly the best place for the good quality gear your offering.