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re;poles, which one

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  • re;poles, which one

    Dear all,
    I am in a bit of a undecided buying at the moment,there is a mate selling a nearly brand new shimano tecnium xt 13 m,for 130 pounds,he lives down south so i cant even feel it.
    Then there is a preston inovations xt60 diatex 16m going for 140 pounds,i like fishing for small fish and fish up to around 7 pounds,what do you think i should get,? and why.

    ps havent got cash to buy both.


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    Swany, a consideration has to the availability of spares, both of course are not current models but it is more than likely that the shimano tops from their latest model will fit, the technium is good at its full length and easily fishable,
    the Diatex at 16 mtr may go a bit but it will no doubt be good at 14 1/2mtr and excellent at 13mtr. The things to consider are the wear and tear, any damaged or repaired sections and how many spare kits with each pole. Both will handle comfortably fish to at least the 7lbs you are looking at.
    also do you need 16 mtrs of pole if all you ever fish is say up to 10 metre then you would not be using around 3 sections worth of pole but it is there if you need it.
    if it were me I would look at the diatex as long as at least spare tops are available a call or email to Prestons should give you the answer.


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      I was looking for a new pole just a few weeks ago started looking in all the mags whittled it down to the shimano technium or daiwa aqualite shopped around and got a good deal on the aqualite according to one of the monthly mags shimano are still going to carry on making the technium for this season, must be happy with the number of sales


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        cheers folks, helpfull, ill get in touch with prestons.