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Daiwa G20 - What Top Kits to use ?

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  • Daiwa G20 - What Top Kits to use ?

    Hi all,
    sure someone will be able to answer this one.

    Bought this pole in Jan, love it and now have loads of top kits - 4xPower with side pullas and 3 Match kits (pulla bungs).
    Hearing its better to use the Match kits (no 1 removed of course) than the power kits?

    Is there a difference as they 'feel' the same to me.

    Got 2x Powers lazzied up with double 4 and the other 2 with Hollo 6

    Match kits have all got Hollo 6.

    (Winter set up for F1's, will change Powers in the summer for some White/Grey Hydro).

    Should I use the Match kits i/o the powers ?


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    Match kits are lighter than power kits mate, so generally a pole will be stiffer when the match kits are being used rather than the powers. But you will only really notice a difference at 13m+ IMO. I'd say you should use all your kits - you've got 7 top kits so you can set up with various grades of elastic to cover loads of eventualities. PS I've got a G20 too - nice aren't they?!


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      Yep i've just become a member of the G20 club (Saturday just gone) and I love mine aswell!! Got Maver dual core Grey and purple through 4 power kits and 2 lots of the blue through match kits, haven't decided with the last match kit yet.
      Went out today with it for the first time on a beautiful day and caught really well,skimmers,roach,ide and carp.....LOVED IT!!!

      Going out again on Tuesday....can't wait! lol



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        Cheers all and very much appreciated, just wondering now why when I bought the pole they lazzied up all my power kits i/o my match kits....

        Looks like I'll be swapping them over........

        Cheers again.


        • #5
          I never use powers, ruin pole.


          • #6
            When you say 'ruin' what do you mean ?
            Just swapped all lazzies now into match kits......


            • #7
              They unbalance the pole at longer lengths causing it to droop and making it less responsive,the match number twos are more than capable dealing withe big carp in open water IMHO

              I personally only use the power interlastic kits down the edge with heavier elastics!
              Scottmckenzie furniture&kitchens


              • #8
                Up to black hydro with match kits and no. 1, match kits make a difference at length as others have posted


                • #9
                  i cant believe they elasticated Power tops with such Light Elastic Set ups
                  Did you ask them for those Specific sizes ??
                  With the set ups you have you will have problems with Breakages to line /Elastic /hooks etc
                  What shop did you use ??


                  • #10
                    On a G20,I don't think it matters that much what tops you use,there's only a couple of grammes difference between them,sticking the short 4 on makes much more of a difference when fishing long.


                    • #11
                      As Airity said mate, they do make a big difference!


                      • #12
                        Short 4s are fine so long as you can still reach features etc!


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                          Cheers guys - very much appreciated.