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Shimano poles

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  • Shimano poles

    Shimano poles don't seem to be very popular with match fishermen (except the beastmaster margin). I just wondered why this is, they seem to be pretty reliable in terms of strength and i've never heard of a section breaking in a fishing situation. Are they heavier or less balanced in general?

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    Ridiculously high spare prices may be a factor


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      Yes but if they rarely break it's probably not going to be much of an issue. But I guess if you're comparing poles to buy, spare prices might be a key factor for some people.


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        But by the same don't hear of many breaking sections because not many people use them.


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          I have the Aspire, it's a brilliant pole. Never had a problem with it but it's getting on a bit now! I don't want to change it


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            Have you broken any of the sections in a fishing situation mate?


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              You cannot legislate for human error, ie being a clumsy git.
              Break a no6-7 and you will need smelling salts after hearing the price.....
              On the gathering storm comes a tall handsome man, in a dusty black coat and red right hand.


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                never had a shimano pole and know very little about them but I fished a winter league yesterday and the lad in the next peg fished an aspire of some sort (grey in colour) at 16mtr's most of the match and it looked very stiff at that length, don't know if that's the top of the range but it was quite impressive.


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                  Good poles , but like dave said, the parts are dear, i was looking at the new technium extra strong, but the top kits are £70 a go, that is because the all fit the dearer poles with the gen z mandrel

                  I will stick with my old technium, still going strong after 15 years, i also have a forcemaster xta, the spares for that don't come cheap.

                  All the best steve.


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                    Ive got an Aernos....over £150 for a no.4!!! Love the pole and never broke a section. Im VERY CAREFUL