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Barrow or Wheelkit ??

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  • Barrow or Wheelkit ??

    Hi all,
    like your thoughts on Barrow v boxes with wheelkits.
    Im using a Space Station at the mo with a barrow, and from a space and faff wise setting up the barrow ec, would a wheel kit be easier.

    Looking at the Daiwa 330/400 but like thoughts from others on practicality etc of wheel kits, what to look for, do they work etc ??


  • #2
    hi buddy I use the lg rigger barrow mate I can get everything on it I need , I have a wheel kit for my rive but never use it the beauty of the barrow is you have an instant platform , so wherever you go your always sat perfect


    • #3
      Barrow for me. Wheel kits too much messing around once you get to your peg IMO - need to detach wheels and handles etc. with a barrow just lift your box off and put down on your peg, job done.


      • #4
        Wheel kits are more of a faff in my opinion,stick with a barrow,plus the barrow is normally stronger and more spacious.