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Any ideas??

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  • Any ideas??

    I have a maver wheel kit but I seem to have a problem with one of the tyres keep losing air.
    I have taken all the normal steps of trying to find where the puncture is but I just can't find it. Any ideas how to stop it losing air without having to buy another one?

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    Stick some of that emergency tyre stuff from Halfords in it!


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      I take it you have tried over inflating the tyre pressure and placing it in a bucket of water ? it could be the value, tyre not sitting onto the rim properly or just an inner tube puncher. If you are loosing air you should be able to find it. Take the inner tube out check it, place your fingers inside the tyre to see if there is any obstruction.

      Regards Steve
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        Yes steve have tried all that. Couldn't find any leaks hence the head scratching. If I pump it up its flat in 4 5 hours. Think abbo is on to something looks like that's the road to go down.


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          Put expanding foam filler in it from Jewson or another builders merchant mate,apparently it goes in a treat and hence never have another problem!


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            I had the same problem with a daiwa wheel kit for my Tournament box. Nothing I did stopped the leak, I think the inner tubes are just poor quality and are porous.


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              I took mine to my local bike shop, he just pumped in some stuff he had specially for this problem.
              It's not gone down since.