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short waggler rod for small sivers?

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  • short waggler rod for small sivers?

    hi guys,
    anybody got any suggestions for a shortish (10/11ft) waggler rod
    for smallish there a modernish rod available out there?
    or do i need to be looking at older canal rods? - dont want 13fter.
    had a go with fox fx lite waggler 12fter which is perfect --(if it was
    11ft) and currently the hot favourite.........
    but before i committ thought i d see if there was anything else
    i should be looking at. ............cheers

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    Drennan used to do an 11ft silver wagg rod that you could use with 12oz hook lengths, don't know if they still do it, might be worth asking around. I had one and it was a cracking rod until some low life nicked it. I reckon it would be spot on for F1s too.


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      Drennan now do an 11ft ultralight waggler, pencil thin!


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        fishermans friend has some canal rods 11.13 proper silvers rod.....i think they are garbo blanks been made for the shop give them a ring......about £35 if i recall
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          cheers gents - larry, had a look in mags - 11/13 @ £59 sounds like what im after ,gonna give them a bell today -thanks again!!


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            well - following advice from larry & fone call to fishermans friend the 11/13ft waggler arrived today..................wouldnt normally buy blind, but it wasnt a huge amount of dosh so worth a punt me thinks.
            first impressions were its probly the sort of rod most people would walk straight past in the shop ( cosmetically )- put it together - not too bad @ both lengths! - put line through it - awesome!! .............think id have a problem snapping 8 oz hook length on the strike! - looking forward to getting it in to active service,
            just what i was after with the added benefit of the dual length option.
            EXCELLENT advice larry ............much appreciated! .............CHEEEEEERS