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    I've become a pensioner and I am starting to realise that my bits are not working like they used to. Mainly, but not only, my eyes. I don't use a pole and at the moment for my silver fishing I'm using a Titan 2000. Now, I love this rod but it is getting harder and harder to thread the line through the rings and tackle up.I've just re-read that and it makes me sound a white stick merchant and it's nowhere near that bad, just not anywhere near what they used to be. I was thinking about getting a rod that can be made up at home and transported in a bag. assuming I can sell the Normark for £100 or so, what should I replace it with?

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    Drennen match pro ultralight 11ft may be a good bet....


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      Good idea but i'm looking to stay at 13ft.


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        You could get a "ready rod " sleeve so you dont have to thread your line everytime


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          Fasten a large sewing needle to your reel line at home to aid threading your favourite rod, or better still buy a line threader "sold by Ultra Floats".
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            I struggle a bit with certain close up tasks,like tying hooks etc,I simply went to poundland and bought half a dozen pairs of reading glasses,they have plenty of strength options.
            I keep a pair in each of my tackle bags and a pair in the car for reading small print and padlock codes etc.
            They get minimal use but are worth thier wieght in gold,and if you lose or damage a pair it"s not the end of the world.
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              Originally posted by fisherbill View Post
              Good idea but i'm looking to stay at 13ft.
              They do a 13ft version of the drennan im9 classic,which consists of 2 6ft sections and a 1ft dolly butt so you can make it up at home and carry it in a ready rod bag. A very nice rod too

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                Bill, Im just like you retired & 67. Right whatever you do dont sell your Normark Titan 2000 as its still the best float rod EVER made but if you do I will give you the 100 quid no problem.

                Get yourself a ready sleeve make the rod up at home & then fold it top to tail with rod bands so the thinner end of the middle section is next to the black rubber butt cap & therefore the tip section is the other end. I also use a sleeve protector to protect that very important & fragile tip section. When you get to the bank put your glasses on as you unfold the sections lol.

                The Normarks work well doing this as the butt section has 2 rings so the line doesnt tangle as much as say a Acolyte that only has 1 ring on the butt section.

                I used my Titan 2000 today in a ready rod bag & once your used to it no problem mate