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New Seat Box Advice

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  • New Seat Box Advice


    Decided to wait until this year to change from my Diawa 200SB seat box. I could do with height adjustment to fish the long pole. This box doesnt have that.

    I've seen a lot of tackle companies have or are about to launch new seat boxes this year...

    Any recommendations on a decent seat box, will be used for matches every fortnight and pleasure fishing in between.

    Needs height adjustment.

    Thanks in advance..

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    Have a look at the octbox, not everyones cup of tea, but a good box, and quality after sales service.

    All the best steve.


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      Thanks Pudsli, I suppose I should of added my budget. I dont mind spending around £400 - £500. Dont fancy the £1000 + rive boxes.....


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        Originally posted by Splash View Post
        Thanks Pudsli, I suppose I should of added my budget. I dont mind spending around £400 - £500. Dont fancy the £1000 + rive boxes.....
        Hi Splash

        Have a look at the Colmic Airon, this as a 5cm seat adjustment, 30mm legs, £399.99 without cassette or £470 with. The real One, white or Black is slightly more £630 with the same adjustable seat.

        I have a used Airon in excellent condition in black with cassette £275 on offers plus postage.

        Regards Steve
        [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]Vespe 6mm Side Puller Bushes


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          Thanks Steve, I think the best thing to do is go try a few out at Fosters.


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            Hi Splash,
            Let us know how it goes, i am looking for a new box and would be interested in what you find, I have read many reviews and comments and it does seem that a lot comes down to personal choice,


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              Hi Grant,

              I tried the maver elite and the elite black edition which is slightly different. Has all the bits I need, height was adjustable or adding / removing the modules helped get it perfect. Had the wheel / barrow kit. I just couldn't help thinking how cheap it felt, that somewhere down the line some bits would start to break or fall off.

              I had a look at the new matrix boxes...... made from better materials than the maver and modules clipped well together to get my height perfect. The only let down being the ridiculous foot plate. Its kind of angled to get in place, but it just played up and its just not a good design at all.

              I also had a look at the matrix super box, again, got my height spot on adding / removing modules. The foot plate is a cassette type. No wheel kit options on the matrix boxes though. They do have a new trolley for the super box.

              I think the matrix super box seemed the better one and if I can't adapt my current box I will be looking more into that one.

              They did have other boxes in there, worth a look if you can get there. I didn't look at the preston / milo or diawa ones they had.


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                Hi Splash,

                Thanks for the feed back its appreciated, I am off to have a look this afternoon at some of the Milo, Preston,Sensas, and Daiwa boxes so with your thoughts and what i see this afternoon it will give me an idea


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                  Splash out and get a rive pal


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                    I can't fault the Daiwa 300 SB mate, I've had mine about 12 months now, I fish 3-4 matches a week and it's showing no wear whatsoever, also has a huge height/tilt adjustment which is why I bought it over the 400 TSB, my best buy to date


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                      I've got a daiwa 300 that I bought 2nd hand and it's the best box I've had by a long way.
                      Around 300 quid new is an absolute bargain. All the attachments are cheap compared to other manufacturers.


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                        ive had rive, preston ,daiwa seatboxes and by far the octbox which I have now is the best box I have ever had.There isn't a seatbox on the market that is as stable as this.It is as solid as a rock.Just ask dean barlow he will tell you what the box is like.Height adjustment is brilliant.As goes for fishing the long pole you wont get a better me have a look on the website and look at the videos, and if your not happy with the box, they will pick it up from your home free of charge.


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                          Hi rorer2uk1.

                          Which model did you go for, my son has the 2 front drawers and 3 side drawers, they dont do this any more, but he has the 2011 footplate.

                          Glad you like the box, they were not around when i was looking, i have a milo 3500.

                          All the best steve.


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                            Just thought I'd post an update - I've kept hold of my Daiwa 200 box for this year. I managed to get a Daiwa stack system for the extra modules off Fleabay. I've used it to add some modules, remove others and its now at the correct height which is perfect.

                            I just need to maybe mod the wheels to stop them slipping when under some heavy weight.


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                              The easiest way to Obtain Correct height is
                              Ditch the Cassette Footplate & use an adjustable footplate instead
                              slides up & down Front legs
                              I did this with my cassette footplate !!