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  • barrow/platform?

    getting rather annoyed with everything sliding of my trolly all the time i was just wondering if any one has used a barrow platform and which ones you guys wouid recomend ive seen the fox ones but also the blue and gold ones not sure of make but they are half the price of the fox ones? any info apprecitated thanks
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    wont go wrong with fox one. Very easy to manoeuvre even fully loaded. Also very stable as a platform


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      I've got the Penrose XL and love it to bits, built like the victorians built it so will outlive me! Takes masses of gear, rolls very easily and makes an enormous and stable platform plus mega backup fro the folks at Penrose.
      Can't catch enough.....


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        I had this discussion on another forum an basically if you aint gonna use it as a platform , get a carp barrow. They alot easier to handle and having borrowed one to try, this fact was proven.


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          Preston Space Shuttle is the best mate, you won't go wrong if you get one of these, could not be without mine.


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            I have a Penrose jobbie. Once all the tackle is taken off I use it has a bait table. Amazing how much stuff you can cram on one.


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              where do you get the penrose ones from and how much? and dose the preston one take all boxes? as i have platforms uk series 5 box ............thanks all
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                i think the preston one will take most boxes and everything else you can pile on it, because of the positioning of the wheels you do not feel like you are lifting all the weight unlike with the carp barrow i used before it which was heavy, hard to manouvre and shook itself to bits on a 2 mile trek to my peg on the swale. so its the space shuttle every time for me. a few of the lads at woodlands use the fox one but if you do not need a platform there is no need to spend the extra cash as the fox is almost double the price of the preston.


                • #9
                  had a preston but wasnt too impressed with the finish or poor quality bolts.took it back to shop.
                  now have a fox it has a large wheel in front that dosnt get stuck very light too.
                  can get all my gear on it easy,and quick to store . and very stable when its a platform too.
                  if you can aford one get one you wont be dissapointed


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                    I have one of the penrose ones, as couldn't find any other platofrm to put my rive on(don't know if the fox one does).

                    I have the XL, it is not a light bit of kit, but never had any worries when loaded, very sturdy when sat on it(alot safer than my home made job).
                    It may be small, but i have caught!!!!!

                    Call that fishing, it's just a puddle overstocked with carp :D


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                      I've got the Fox one, excellent concept, I had to get welds around the square sections where the handles go in repaired and beefed up.

                      Not sure if this is a common fault (Hemphead?), I should have took it back really, check these before you buy one.

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                        get a space shuttle, ive got a brollnets barrow xl, i think its cr*p, the handles flex when theres a lot of weight on there, my wheel bracket has sheared off and it often gets unbalanced because it only has one wheel, this means that you need to pack your carryall evenly to distribute the load. i'm definatley upgrading to a space shuttle as you can also put your rod bag on there as well. and before anyone says you can put your rod bag on a barrow, then correct, ie lying it over the handles however this makes your barrow 6ft wide which isnt always ideal.

                        oh and if you decide to get a barrow then you can buy mine off me!
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                          my fox barrow is perfect for me.....welding is good & the lagre wheel dosnt get stuck as some others and the only addition is a couple of bungies...dosnt fall off and i do have more than average amount of gear.i did have the preston carrier and it DID fall to bits like most of preston gear.......