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Advice Needed - Pole Fisherman wanting to add Rod Fishing to his Match Setup - Help

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  • Advice Needed - Pole Fisherman wanting to add Rod Fishing to his Match Setup - Help

    Hello All.

    I have posted a similar post in the tackle advice section.....

    I need a little advice on the Rod / Reel selection, types etc. Treat me as a complete novice on this. I was bought up on the pole and used it all my fishing life. I used a pellet wagler rod and small shimano reel I received last year (a raffle prize), enjoyed it and with a bit of advice from youtube and a lucky peg I won a match....

    I would like to learn the different ways of Rod / Reel fishing. Can you help me with...
    • What are the different types of rod fishing I should be looking at?
    • Can I use one rod / reel to do all these, or do I need seperate setups?
    • Why there are different rod lengths, reel types etc?

    The match pools I fish are commercials with fish average of 5-7lbs but have the odd larger lump of 12-14lb.

    Could someone suggest a setup for that situation, It was my birthday recently and I have some fishing vouchers burning a hole in my pocket....
    I know a lot of fishing gear choices are restricted by budget, I don't want cheap stuff that is useless, nor very expensive, so something in the middle. Hoping to buy something this weekend to then try giving it a go before the match season starts.

    I am asking the forum for help on this, as fellow fishing club members don't seem to be bothered helping me out.

    Thanks in advance to all advice given....

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    Basiclly Waggler rod 11/12ft
    feeder rod 10/11ft
    these will cover your needs on most commercial fisheries
    reels,i would look at ,1 of 2500 size one 3000 size,loads of good quality mid range reels to be had,i use the Daiwa procasters and they don't let me down,as for the rods I would have a look at the Drennen puddlechucker range,exellent value for money rods,these are obviously my own opinions,other members will give you theres


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      Agree with Martin about the Drennan Puddlechucker rods around £85 new. If you have a little more the Diawa Match range are better in my opinion and are around £95. Reels I have the Shimano DL range in 2500 and 4000 sizes, depends on how far you will be casting. Bigger number equals quicker retrieve. Get one waggler rod and one feeder rod to start with.


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        I've got a pair of brand new drennan series 7 puddlechucker rods with rod holdalls so you can have them ready setup. They are both 11ft, one carp feeder and one pellet waggler, perfect allrounders for commercials. If you want you can have them for £60 each mate, I don't need them and there is no point having them sitting in the spare room.


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          As with all tackle sort out your budget & look at whats available from the major brands, Drennan, Shimano, Daiwa etc dont go for brands offering 80% off.

          In my honest opinion Drennan supply the best product within any price range an angler wants & like the others I have mentioned when you have a problem they have a reputation so they will sort it out.

          The other plus point with these brands is when you spend more money on better tackle, which you will at some time, you will still be able to sell on the rods you buy now.

          Good luck


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            You won't go wrong with the puddle chuckers. I use shimano reels, Exage 3000 for waggler and mini baitrunner 2500 for tip rods, always take 3 waggler rods and 3 tip rods all set up ready to go!


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              Thanks for the help everyone!

              So basically i need a waggler rod and a feeder rod. I will take a look at the puddle chuckers. Im off to my local tackle shop today with some vouchers.

              Having the rods ready setup is that just getting a rod holdall and placing the rods with reels on fully setup zipped away in the holdall?

              Any recommendations on holdalls? I already have daiwa luggage for my pole and top kits.


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                Another quick question regarding reels. What is the difference between front drag and rear drag?

                Which one is the best to go for?


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                  Puddlechuckers come with ready rod holdalls mate. My offer is still on the table should you wish to take it. You'll want front drag reels mate.


                  • #10
                    Cheers fella. Off to the tackle shop in a bit to spend some vouchers. Thanks for the offer. I may take you up on it depending what i buy. Im nowhere near sheffield though so postage may bump it up...??


                    • #11
                      Thanks to all for the advice, I had a look at the puddlechucker range, and in the end went with the Drennan Red Range, slightly cheaper Drennan rod but couldn't see the difference between the two. 10ft Carp Feeder and 11ft Pellet Wagler. Went for shimano exage reels in the end.

                      Can't wait to get on the bank this weekend to give them both a try.


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                        good choices fella