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Old Rive boxes

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  • Old Rive boxes

    Does any body know where you can get the clasp fitting for the old rive boxes
    (Draw locks/clasps).Seen some on the Harrison site but not certain if they are compatible, doing an old box up need a couple

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    Depends how old your box is, if you know the model try nathans of derby they had loads of RIVE in stock the other week when i was there. I am sure they can help, but don't let him know your desperate, i foolishly answered an innocent question with 'yes i need it this weekend' and he wanted £60 for a top 3 for my maver. Did without and bought for £25 elsewhere


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      The new clips are compatible with the old ones I had both on an old box of mine


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        chavey, according to Harrisons they are not, but those in the picture look the same I know they dont give dimensions etc but I cannot see the maker making a new die when he as already got one,will have to have a look round


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          also on the subject of rive and also on harrisons site they have the rive lite classic box, f/p etc, do the drawer/tray units from the f2 system fit?? coz there shown as extras lower down the page.?


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            The F2 system will fit on the lite classic boxes - My brother had one, excellent piece of kit.