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MAP ACS line clip problems?

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  • MAP ACS line clip problems?

    I bought myself a brace of these a few months back for my feeder fishing. The carp in the lake where we fish our spring league are proper lumps (10-25lb) so the idea of an easy release line clip really appealed. However, despite following the instructions to the letter it comes off the clip too frequently to be worth using. I'm even finding this happens with the standard line clip too. Anyone else had this problem and can anyone help solve it?

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    Are you using the reels with the line clip facing downwards,so that when the bale arm winds line into the clip,not pushes it out.


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      I bought a couple of these a few years ago and even put a report on here about them. They are nice reels but I had the same problem with the line coming out of the clip. You look a proper helmet when your feeder flies over the top of the island as you sweep the rod back to stop it.

      Bin em I say, take em back to the retailer and tell him they're not fit for purpose.
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        Lol Spadger! It does make you feel a bit of a tool when your feeder buries 6ft into an iris bed! Yes tidalwave, followed the instructions, it only comes off maybe3-4 times in a match, but you just don't trust the clip and as a result don't cast properly. It happens less frequently when using big diameter lines like 8lb drag line but 6lb tournament is a nightmare.


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          never had that problem i just keep checking where the clip is and make sure its at the bottom


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            Originally posted by SPADGER View Post
            You look a proper helmet when your feeder flies over the top of the island as you sweep the rod back to stop it.
            Lol! That happened to me at Lindholme last year on one of those coaching days that Improve Your Coarse Fishing organised. Lee Kerry had been going through some tips on casting a method feeder to the island with me. Then Mark Parker came over and asked how I was getting on and I said "great Lee's just been giving me some casting tips, watch this" then I chucked out my feeder and watched it sail right over the island and almost into the water on the other side! The look on Mark Parkers face said "oh my god what a muppet"!!