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Preston Roller Bushes?

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  • Preston Roller Bushes?

    Hi all,

    I went to buy some of these today and only when I saw them did I realise the size of them!

    I like the idea but surely a 10mm hole in a top kit is going to be a weak point?

    I have Browning slk puller kits which are new and this will clearly invalidate the warranty.

    Does anyone know of any horror stories, or indeed use them successfully?



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    These have been discussed in a few threads recently mate - I think one was the thread about the new Vespe side puller bushes.

    The size of them is putting a lot if people off - I wouldn't fancy drilling a hole that size in a top kit, and a lot of people are concerned the roller wheel could trap the elastic and damage it or that the wheel could seize up if clogged up with dirt. BUT I have read reports from people who have fitted them saying they work well. - haven't come across any horror stories....yet!


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      I've never used a side puller because of the pressure that's applied to the side of a weakened pole when you have a fish on, it just doesn't seem like a good idea to me. The bigger the hole gets the weaker the kit gets, the only thing i've seen that looks like a good idea is the vespe side puller sleeve which spreads the pressure of the elastic around the circumference of the kit.


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        using the vespe side pulla there the bees knees.i put a prestons on one of my top kits and first day out the roller jammed so I wouldn't recommend them.all my mates are now using the vespe,and a only a 6mm hole is needed.