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your advice on Strong Keepnets / Suppliers

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  • your advice on Strong Keepnets / Suppliers

    Hi Fellas
    1st of all thank you So much for all your get well messages txt/Phone calls since my leg Rebuild last week
    I have been in Agony but Done a couple of gigs although should be Housebound for Min 8weeks
    I decided to sort my Gear out before i return to the Bank & time is running out Rapidly because i very rarely do what i am told
    Up shot is i Binned all my keepnets ,so i want to get 4 New ones ASAP
    i realy did like the Old Dinsmore type nets & wondered if anyone out there new of a Supplier of those or something very Similar
    I am looking for 4 @ least dont want to spend a fortune as i do tend to Change them every year
    Any advice you fellas can give would be appreciated
    Cheers Col

  • #2
    4???.....What you gonna do with the other 3 !!.......Hope all is well mate and see ya soon


    • #3
      thats a Daft question 3 of them piled up behind me give me a nice pole rest to slde my pole back on
      we all know Rollers fall over in the wind
      Definately Rob say Hi to Marina for me
      might pop down River to see ya in a few weeks


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        Mates got 3 or 4 of these pretty good nets imo. BRAND NEW*Dinsmore Deluxe 3m Carp Keep Net on ebay 19.95 each delivered


        • #5
          Thanks Tezzer i will have a look on E/BAY
          i found a 4mtr Dinsmoer net in my Bin cupboard Sat Angle lock Slips so thats why i obviously stopped using it
          its been @ the Bottom of that cupboard for about 4yrs & is in perfect condition apart from that
          Thats why i am looking for that make


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            Tried to ring ya the other Day Col rest up fella and look after yourself!
            Love Chris, Tina, Chelsey and Bump x
            Ousssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhh ;)


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              Originally posted by London Chris View Post
              Tried to ring ya the other Day Col rest up fella and look after yourself!
              Love Chris, Tina, Chelsey and Bump x
              Sorry Chris
              didnt know you had rang mate !!
              I will ring you Tonight if you are home ?
              you know what i am like lately ,Head like a sieve
              i sometime think i am pushing it a little too Much to be Honest
              Tell Tina thinking of her !!


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                Think these would be ideal for you Col!

                Jam Jar Shop: buy glass jam jars, bottles, le parfait preserve jars and jam making equipment. UK stockist of glass jars, bottles, preserving jars for food, jam making equipment
                HAPPY TOTTERINGHAMS DAY 15/5/2016


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                  Hi Col.

                  Dont do to much mate, look after that leg, have you tried Keepnets direct, worth a look.

                  Look after yourself Col.

                  All the best steve.


                  • #10
                    They look good Clive
                    If youve finished with em or are downsizing i might be interested !!
                    How much do you want & can you deliver them for me Please