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Bail Arm not closing.

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  • Bail Arm not closing.

    The bail Arm on my Whisker 3012 is intermittently not closing when i turn the handle, is there something I can do to correct this without making a town halls of my reel?

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    My guess it will either be the bail arm spring is weak, or it could be that the bail arm is bent / distorted and not sitting square on the pivot points. Usually its a case of removing the fixing screws and fitting the new part. Give Diawa Sports a email or telephone call they most likely send you a spring free of charge.


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      Thanks for the info Brian.


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        Sometimes, it`s just groundbait and stuff getting into the housing for the closing mechanism, try taking out the screw at the roller end and cleaning it out, be careful, the spring is under tension and may fly off!, it will locate into 2 different holes, make sure it goes back on the same way it came out. If that doesnt work, tackle shop/manufacturers jobbie i`m afraid.
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