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Garbolino rocket picker

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  • Garbolino rocket picker

    Hi all,

    Has anyone heard or had problems with the 8ft picker??

    I bought one just for short chucks and whilst setting up at home pulled the tip round no problem bit more welly and the carrier section exploded.

    I'm just glad I wasn't playing a fish.

    Is it a common fault or my bad luck?
    here carpy carpy carpy

  • #2
    I got an 8/9/10ft from Trothy about 2yrs ago
    as Stand ins 1st time out with 8ft i had 6 Carp over 18lbs the heaviest 25.12
    Take yours back mate ,they will replace it without question
    my Lad has used the 10ft @ Shatterford ,Bream fishing & hooked & landed a ugly great Catfish of 39lbs so they are definately Strong enough


    • #3
      Sections will break easily if just pulled over by the tip
      if trying always put a Reel on it & thread the line through ,this utilises the curve of the blank


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        Hi col,

        This was with a line and reel in that's why I was so surprised, glad to know they can handle it though.

        Shop has been in touch via mail and are replacing the whole rod free.
        here carpy carpy carpy


        • #5
          was just a bit of advice for others mate
          Didnt think for a minute you would have just wanged tip over
          I remember a few yrs back a bloke came into th shop i was managing
          the MK11 President had just been released @ £130 for a 13ft approx 3 to 4 weeks wages for most blokes @ the time,he set it up a literaly tried to push the ceiling of the shop up a ft
          the rod exploded in about 5 different places .
          he said them things are Crap & walked out the door
          he spent the next 6months or so telling everyone who would listen bhow useless they were.
          He cost me an absolute fortune !!


          • #6
            I've heard about a few having problems with them, better off with something marginally more expensive such as the the garbo maxim picker or maver abyss x.


            • #7
              I had 2 of these rods do exactly the same a few years ago mate in the same match... The line rating is only 4lb if i remember rightly and i put 6lb on, big mistake. I never did replace the carrier sections and i have 2 butt ends in my shed gathering dust.. For £15 more i would get a Korum CS series 9ft or Matrix 9ft.


              • #8
                Replaced it before using it lol. Got a map parabolix 8ft in the bobco sale for £100 bargain.
                here carpy carpy carpy