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Drennan supplex line

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  • Drennan supplex line

    Just got some drennan supplex rig line in 0.117 (2.5lb) for feeder hooklengths for skimmers.

    Anyway I spent about an hour re tying them as every time I tied and tightened the loop it broke at the knot.

    Anyone else had problems or is it how I'm tying the knot??

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    What knots are you tying,Drennan recommend a 5 turn grinner for maximum breaking strain with Supplex,but the palomar knot works as well when tying to swivels,eyed hooks.
    are you wetting the line as you pull the knot down to avoid friction burn.?


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      I'm wetting the line, it's fine around the hook, it's on the loop that attaches to the mainline, just a simple overhand loop.

      I'v ended making a few hooklengths taking my time making sure the line is very wet and pulling the knot tight slowly and they seem fine now. Well I'll know tomorrow if I end up losing bream!!


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        use the twisted loop