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split on female end of section?

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  • split on female end of section?

    As title says i have a about 5mm split on the female end of my number 6. Do i get it repaired or wait to see if it gets worse? I dont know what to do as ive never had this problem before. Its on a maver elite 88 pole so its not cheap if you know what i mean? Also how would this be repaired?

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    Mazy simple fix would be to cut the offending 5mm off. To ensure you cut it square wind some tape around the section just above the split.( I use masking tape ) Then using the tape as a guide slowly saw the split bit off, a rub off fine wet and dry sand paper will remove and slight roughness and stop splinters. You could also have a carbon wrap done that would cost about a tenner. Leaving the split as it is runs the risk of it lengthening when putting or taking the pole apart.


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      Sorry misread post before I edited, if it's only 5mm just sand it off.