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Long match rods

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  • Long match rods

    Has anybody used either the shakespeare or middy 18-20ft match rods, they claim to be able to cope with commercial carp with up to 6lb line down to 22 hook and 1lb line seems bit of a stretch to me, any advice would be appreciated

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    If they are anything like the MAP 18 - 20 then DO NOT USE FOR CARP they do not stop bending until the top section breaks, stick to using it for the rivers where they are very good


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      Thanks for the tip


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        I agree with billy whizz,I have a MAP 18/20 great for the rivers, all be it a bit heavy for 5 hours of match fishing.
        The MAP & other makes were marketed as well as for fishing big sticks or the bolognese on rivers, for use on carp pools, fishing down the margins with a pole float on for big fish. I've never used mine for that, just another marketing ploy to sell them.
        Remember the hype surrounding the MAP Bolo with the locking collar?
        I've never seen one of them in use on carp pools either, but they were endorsed by high profile anglers also
        I have seen one of my clubmates use his 18/20 for carp & whilst it didn't break, he was playing the fish for ever & a day


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          I have seen one of our club members using an 18-20 rod for carp and he did not seem to have any problems with it, ok a near 13lb fish took a bit of time to land but it would have on a pole anyway, at the time they were being talked of as a useful margin method as there were few if any margin poles, hydro was in its infancy if even out and a great deal of poles were only rated to a 14 elastic.


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            Thanks a lot guys seems like my suspicions were well founded - think i will go for a less ambitious than all things to all men type rod. Afraid I cant get my head around poles, old dog new tricks syndrome I guess,

            Tight lines to you all


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              What style of fishing are you looking at Tony then we can perhaps give you some advice



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                Long match roads


                I am generally on commercial fisheries with a mixed stock but with the carp running to high doubles, during the winter I shall be turning to rivers looking for chub barbel and perch, basically the reason for looking for the longer rod was to gain some closer control of the float and bait when bites were shy without going to the extent of a pole which I am not comfortable with.

                I have a wide range of rods from 3.5lbtc carp to ultra fast match rods and several avon and feeder rods albiet a bit long in the tooth!

                I have now been able to borrow a friends Abu Suveran 16 / 18 foot rod which was great to use if a little heavy at 18ft although compared with my old split cane and solid glass rods circ 1970's it compares really well! I think I might treat myself to one