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Maver Strongarm

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  • Maver Strongarm

    Ok. Maver stongarm as far as i no is a 16m pole.

    My dads mate bought it for £350 and is selling it for £100.
    I may be getting it but i would just like to know a few things about it.

    -Is it good for £100?
    -Is it heavy? (Bear in mind, im 13.)
    -Whats the elastic rating?

    Thanks, Boilieboy.

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    C'mon, someone please help little old mee!


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      Best I can tell you is that the strong arm came out about 6 years ago I dont think it was a 16mtr pole and may just be using parallel exstensions. West Midlands Angling Centre are advertising an extension to 12 1/2 mtr at £39, by my reckoning it may be ok at that length, but will probably start to go after that. Why not get your mates Dad to let you try it out in the garden, as with anything second hand its best to give it a good inspection, pay attention to the 4th and 5th sections, if its got a few spare top kits then at £100 its probably worth looking at but spare sections might not be available should you have the miss fortune to break one.


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