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fishmeal for fish?

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  • fishmeal for fish?

    On saturday went to village pub with my wife for an evening meal I chose pan fried rabbit, totally disgusted it tasted like fish sent it back and left the manager with a flea in his ear. Came home and spent a couple of hours surfing the net and I have now decided not to use fismeal bait or ground bait again........... ever. If my fishing suffers so be it but no more fishmeal for me thankyou. tight lines.

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    dont suffer for me..

    used it all last weekend and bagged up and using it again, BUT then again i mixed it with brown crumb..


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      Bullhead - will you be using rabbit instead!?
      John - Kingfisher
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        fishmeal for fish

        Until all scientists are convinced that feeding fish meal to fish is safe then i am not going to use it. Most scientists thought that feeding sheep meal to cows was ok, until mad cow disease came along and that people who ate beef could not contract it but up pops CDG jumping speceis barriers that many thought impossible. Recently we had hundreds of people die from bird flu. No i am not going to use rabbit as bait, wild rabbit is far too nice for the fish. Tight lines.


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          bullhead, the rabbit you had was more than likely a farmed rabbit breed like chickens and feed pellets (pet rabbits come to mind)


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            Koi keepers use more Wheatgem than Fishmeal base pellets this time of year. Its easier for them to digest and its my opinion that once they,ve had a taste of it, they actualy prefer it.


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              Woody thats correct, I know scores of koi keepers who feed weatgerm this time of year and all year round with no ill effects. But i must add that some of the pellet manufacturers are now useing naturally based ingrediants. My Koi have never suffered from this type of food.
              Regards Billy Boy :)

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