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hook tie/hook lengths

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  • hook tie/hook lengths

    bin aving problems tieing me hooks. wots the best hook nylon that does not "pig-tail" when u use a hook-tier. i,m fishing for silvers, so say up to 2lb breaking strain. thanx.

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    What line have you been using? because it may be that you are putting the turns on to tight or even far too many, pigtailing is caused by friction so ensure that you wet the line before tightening up the knot.


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      you need to be more gentle, useing power feflo might help


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        Try learning to tie them by hand... I use the overhand windmill knot taught to my dad by Ivan Marks - never had a pigtail ever in my whole fishing career and if it does break its the hook that goes not the line! With this knot I can even tighten up the whipping half way up the shank and cut the spade off the hook and the knot will never move.
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          I must agree with Brian, just try to be a little less heavy handed. But here are a few lines i use more of about this time of year,.
          G line, Silstar matchteam, Hercules, and Fox micro more recently. It doesn,t matter if you use a hook tier or tie by hand these will all pigtail in the finer diameters if your too aggresive