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Big chucks on the feeder

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  • Big chucks on the feeder

    Looking into buying one of these rods.
    As the 12ft 6 sentient i have is very good for most of my feeder fishing,apart from when i have to chuck big cage feeders or methods long range 70 yards plus.
    It feels a bit too whipy casting and almost like i am forcing the rod to its limit,it is hard to be 100% accurate when pushing the blank to the limit.
    Some one said try the Daiwa conni z 11 13ft which will be better suited to the task.
    The question is do i buy the stillwater model or the power?
    Don't want to fork out money to find i have bought a broom handle!
    My last option is to look at the new Sentient range aimed at big chucks influenced by the duch bream anglers.Which will be big money.
    Any advice on these rods or big chucks would be a help
    Roll on friday

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    Sounds daft but if you are having trouble chucking that far with one of those you need to look at what your casting. Big cage feeders are not areodynamic, with the method make sure your balls are of a nice shape. What b/s line are you using ?? thick line restricts distance, I use 8lb dawai sensor and have no problems. Do not be afraid to load the rod up


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      I wouldn't use a still water one (11/13) I don't think it would be up to the job Ive got the still water model but I wouldn't risk it not for chucks that far with that size off feeder


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        I would have a look at the Shimano Antares AX medium feeder, nice playing action but with plenty of power in the butt section for distance work.
        Steve Ringer
        Carpmagic - Talk Angling UK


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          I use the Antares. Choice of feeder, line, groundbait has to be spot on and then you,ve got to drop in that hole every chuck


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            I use sensor in 6 and 8lb for most of my rod and line fishing,problem is these bream are so shy biters you would hardly see the bite at this range.
            So its direct mono or braid i am affraid.
            Some of the anglers we fish against are using big pit reels with their feeder rods to gain more distance due to the massive spool and the line peeling off quicker on the cast.Maybe this is worth a go?

            I do not have a problem with chucking this far Billy Whizz, but as i said i am pushing the rod to its limits and therefore accuacy suffers.
            I am sure there is an easier more comfortable,accurate way to get the feeder to the fish,that around this time of year are in the middle of the lake.

            I suppose its just a matter of trial and error once again to find a rod that suits me,i have been through a number of rods to find the ones i have at the moment and am very happy with them for all my fishing but these enormous chucks for shy biting bream.
            Was watching Darran Bickerton once chucking the feeder miles and VERY accurate under overhang trees.He was using a Conni rod but dont know which model but it looked effortless,a sight to behold.
            Roll on friday


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              No offence intended, see if you can find a preston dream as they are well capable, and if its bream you are right braid is the only way to go, where allowed. Have seen and tried the dream in action and it beat my ABU method feeder by a good 20 yds accuratley


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                None taken mate,i know the rod you mean.
                Will look out for one!
                I will also look at the Atares ax before parting with my money steve.
                Thanks for the advice Ridgeacre i may be able to get the power Z for £80 got to be worth thinking about!!!

                Or maybe a should stick to my carp puddles : )

                But i must admit i am enjoying hunting these bream at distance as if you get i right the rewards are there to be had, on the matches i fish in the JCB lakes winter league.
                Roll on friday


                • #9
                  The shimmano nexave multi heavy feeder combo can be used at 11ft 6 or 14ft, its an excelent rod with a good action and cheap if u dont want to spend a fortune, price now prob around £70-£80 . for long range feeders i would recommend the nisa flyers the name says it all, for line diawa sensor amazing stuff for the price ive used this line for about 20yrs tried allsorts but always switch back.well worth a look at the nexave if you can still buy them, good luck in ur search mate.


                  • #10
                    im stuck in the same situation bud, look at the diawa trd or tdx i think its called, 12-14 feet.

                    when i have to fish for one bite i use one of my old armalites and stick a sidewinder on to see the bites. this will help you controll the fish at range too for those match days.


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                      Billy is spot on with his recommendation, the Preston Dream Power is the best long range feeder rod I ever picked up! But you should consider using a shock leader and lighter line backing or preferably braid.

                      For accuracy make sure you hold the rod right out in front of you and pull the butt in when casting so that it hits you right in the sternum every time then provided you are lined up in the first place to your marker point you cant miss.
                      Simon Young
                      Talk Angling UK fishing chat and tackle
                      web design Doncaster - Limitless Digital


                      • #12
                        Cheers men will try all tips given,got myself an old conni X amorphus whisker 11/13ft SW medium/heavy the other day.
                        Will put it through it paces soon,had a wiggle and looks a beautiful rod..
                        Roll on friday