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Rod Advice Needed

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  • Rod Advice Needed


    I'm very new to fishing and can't wait to get started but I really don't know what rod I should be buying for a first timer . I live near the coast so want to do some fishing on the shore line but also want to be able to use the same rod for coarse fishing. What is the best all-rounder rod for me do you think, without having to spend a fortune?


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    cheap feeder rod 12ft or 13ft and beleave it or not your in luck i just happen to have a couple for sale ha ha


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      It depends what kind of fishing you'll be doing both in the sea and freshwater. If you're just general coarse fishing with a waggler then you could get away with a fairly strong waggler rod which you could use for mullet fishing in the sea. Most sea fishing you'd need a stronger rod- although the above rod could be used for mullet,bass,mackerel and wrasse fishing if you've got rocks to fish from. Beach casting would be much too strong for a freshwater rod due to the weights needed to cast the required distance. So if you've got a harbour near you try fishing for mullet with bread would be my advice with a waggler/power float rod. They are very hard to catch and fight like hell! Then you could use the same rod for roach,bream,perch,chub etc in freshwater. Make sure you clean the rod thoroughly to remove any salt as this can damage the rod after a while.
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        There is no such rod as a true allrounder,many rods can be used for different styles of fishing but there will always be some form of compromise to be made.
        As paul says fishing from the beach requires a specialist rod that has no use in 99.9% of freshwater fishing situations,but if you intend to go to piers,harbours,breakwaters or rock marks(even inshore boat fishing)then
        this could be worth a look for light sea fishing and would cover a number of heavier styles of freshwater angling for carp,barbel,pike and tench etc and won"t break the bank if you find its not for you.

        Page 4 Hi5 carp rod £16.99. comes with 5 top sections from 2-3lb tc.
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