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Seatbox with wheels?

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  • Seatbox with wheels?

    May be a silly question but does anyone know of a seatbox that actually has the wheel set up built onto it instead of having to put them on? Not sure if there is such a box but would be interested to find out.
    Cant work out why one hasnt been designed with wheels built into the sides for easy assemble or movement to the back with a long handle to use as a trolley?
    ***** JohnBoy *****

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    Hi mate I think matchbox used to do one ware the wheel fitted under the box and the armes used then fit at the side of the box and then you just push it but other people may tell you more that had one so hope that's helps


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      The best one out there at the moment with built in wheel kit is the Octbox, stunning box for the money and what you pay for it.
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        Mate buy the new boss box as everything £175 from sports direct a bargain rrp£399


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          A box with the wheels permanently built in would be potentially lethal, assuming you're meaning using the wheels as part of it's 'footprint' once at your peg. Any movement or shift of weight in the wrong direction could see the box tip up with disastrous consequences and no manufacturer would risk that. The whole idea of modern boxes is to create a comfy, stable base to fish from. The logistics of getting the thing from garage/shed to peg differs from one angler to another, even storage for some is an issue. Most boxes with wheel kits are aimed at commercial fisheries that have nice paths etc. and are relatively useless for long walks over uneven terrain with loads of gear. A lot of the wheel kits i've seen put too much strain on areas of the box frame and ancilliaries where it was never really intended and after a few months you end up with a box that creaks and groans and is sloppy. Far better to use a barrow or just fish short walk pegs lol.


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            Octbox! The Best seatbox available IMO.
            Converts to barrow mode in less than 30 secs.
            See review in latest issue of Pole Fishing magazine and look here also:


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              agree the octbox is by far the best box on the market.Ask dean barlow he uses one.solid as a rock and quick setup.