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Daiwa st 100 seat box

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  • Daiwa st 100 seat box

    Any good?

  • #2
    Yes my dad has one. Its a cheaper version of the tournament pro. Its not a bad box,worth having a look at.


    • #3
      sounds like a bargin for 100 pound


      • #4
        mate if i was and this isnt being nasty i would stay well clear cheap metal mate but each to our own


        • #5
          must im impressed with mine and yes there are better ones out their but at wot cost ie riva i havnt had any issues with mine the only norse is the legs arent that long compared to the preston version but for 100 quid its a steel =.
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            the Preston version of the td 100? there is no Preston version there is a space station witch the td 200 tried to mimic so u have a td 200 the space station style box or the td 100 witch is a modular? because u cannot compare the two they are different style boxes bud btw rive aint all that trust me i had two and sold one and one broke and gone back too my old space station xs