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junior match fishing

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  • junior match fishing

    junior match fishing is rarely heard of except for clubs does anyone know any big junior matches any info would be great

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    My advice would be to fish with 'the grown ups'. I only ever fished five junior matches as a youth. A club match, a national squad selection match, the junior national and the England world championship youth trials. Other than that i fished with a senior team in the AT winter league, various canal leagues and division two and three nationals. I can say with complete confidence it made me a much better angler. The team was patient with me when I brought back only 3 or 4 points out of 15, and helped me learn a lot off the back of them. So then when I started bringing back little brown envelopes, I was happy to buy them beer out of them! I'd say to you that you should practise and practise, but if you want to get a lot better, you have to fish with and against those that are a lot better than you. And that means stepping up. Good luck!
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