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  • Worms

    What is the best way to put worms on the hook?

    Never used them before but, considering their length, I would have thought you'd be lucky if a fish happened to target exactly where you put the hook.


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    Either chop them in half and hook through the middle or hook the whole worm through the middle, Depends on the type of fish your after/the venue contains. I usualy use a full worm but if im after roach i use half.

    Hope this helps
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      Break them in half and hook through the head, if they are big worms, a medium sized worm just nip the tail off, lets the juices flow out, you will be surprised at how small a fish will get a worm in its mouth.


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        I am constantly surprised what I bring in on near golf ball size paste! A worm must be easy.

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          Break the top off with your nail and hook it through the leaking end. Thats the end fish home in on first. Use a 16-14 hook.


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            Snap the head off just above the saddle, hook the hook at the ragged end through the saddle slide it enough to cover the spade end of the hook were knotted this will prevent it sliding off, either the head of the worm or the body. The bit you have snapped off place in your container and use on hook later or as choppy feed. You may find that if you place and worms you have cut back into your main bag at the end of the session, when dead could kill the rest of your worms.
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