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  • What went wrong?

    I'm fairly new to fishing and I recently went pleasure fishing at my local Clay Pool and surprisingly hit another blank. I've fished there so many times and this was the 4th blank on the trot. Can you let me know what I did wrong? Thanks.

    Target Species:
    Crusian Carp

    Tackle setup:
    16m Pole
    Size 10 Main Elastic (There are several Common & Mirror carp 15lb+ here)
    5lb Mainline
    Maver Elite S2 0.5gr Pole Float
    "Shirt-Button" shot pattern
    4lb Hooklink
    Kamasan Size 14 Animal Hook

    1/2 a grain of Sweetcorn for hookbait
    Individual Sweetcorn grains for loose-feed
    Dynamite's Corn & Hemp Groundbait

    7ft Main Swim
    4ft Margins

    I'd done everything by the board - Little-and-often baiting (3-4 pieces of sweetcorn every 10-15 seconds, matched my Groundbait with a hookbait (Dynamite's Corn & Hemp with single pieces of corn for loose feed and single corn for hookbait), from experience I know these fish are really coy and are spooked at the sound of a cast from a rod and reel so a pole was essential, fishing all sections of my 16m pole next to some reeds near an island for my main swim and fed up the margins with the same bait. "Slapping" my bait every 4-6 casts.

    I'd seen people fish from the swim before and catch, so 4 hours in without a sniff I was really scratching my head. Troubleshooting the situation I tried several techniques to hopefully bring about anything. I did have bites after I took the swivel off and replaced it with a loop-to-loop knot. I even sharpened my hook.

    Thinking about it now there was an angler fishing opposite me however he was piling in tones of bait (A handful of maggots every cast was what I noticed when I simply sat there and watched - He cast twice every 3 minutes) "Surely by now you must have over-fed the swim" I thought to myself while he too wasn't catching. Other anglers around us were catching but not us.

    Was it something I was doing wrong? I don't know. Maybe it was the other angler?

    What do you guys think?

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    It could be something as simple as peg choice, was the wind blowing towards you? over your back? what where the other weather conditions? overcast? bright and sunny? Being fairly new to angling Watercraft is something that is learnt with time and choosing the right peg/ area of the lake is half the battle!

    Another consideration is that maybe the fish where feeding in a different depth of water? did you change hook baits? if one bait doesn't get you a bite swap it about! i did a 5 hour session the other week and caught on 4 different baits! and used three different methods its all trial and error.

    IMO blanks are part of fishing, but there's no point blaming someone else!

    chin up and better luck next time


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      The condition were over-cast with sunny spells and a westerly breeze blowing over my shoulder from the back.

      I changed my depths throughout and swapped between different sizes of corn (full, half and quarter).

      There's a club meeting tomorrow so I can ask if there was any work done on the fishery recently as I think that can be a factor.


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        Get on the maggot


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          I'd fine down tackle wise 0.12 hook trace to a 18s 611. Fish at depth & feed just a few micros through a kinder with a 4mm expander on the hook. & see how that goes.
          I have an incidental on my left shoulder, he's always there, he's my friend.
          He says he gives me good advice. does he ?


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            Keep your hook bait really tight over your potted loose feed, its quite easy to think you're on top of it when your actually a few feet away.

            I always put my pole on the bumper at the exact ridge and look to a dacal or mark on my pole for length as well as making sure the angle going out is exactly the same every time. You can line up with a marker on the far bank or a bit of kit on your box.


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              Well tbh a animal 14 is a bit big IMO try dropping down to a b911 f1 22 or 20 it's all I use tbh 0.11 will see you fine as long as you're laccy ain't ott if its windy go heavier float but that just stats to reson and feed negative this time of year 3-4 pieces of corn is ott IMO I feed half a kinder pot of micros every fish affectivly feeding for the one fish done 121 lb of f1s and skimmers last sat just from that approach keep it tight and feed negative and I Would use a negative rig aswell tight lines Adrian


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                Sounds like you put far to much corn in and the fish simply backed away remember you can't take out what you have put in ! Try micro pellets and maggot this time of year


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                  I went to the same spot ish for 10 + years dug the swims out cut the trees hardly ever had a bite but it looked good. THEN i started catching bream and tench to 10lb cant get near the swim now lol.
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