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newbie to float fishing

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  • newbie to float fishing

    Hello everyone,
    Recently I've come back to float fishing and for some reason cannot catch anuthing ( dawn til dusk) I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on how to set up my line in the sense of shot size as well as lengths and how to properly plummet I usually use a 3Bb float

    So any videos or information will be great

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    Need a bit more info aron...........

    What is your target species and what is the venue type?


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      Well I don't really got for a specific type of fish, any fish will do for me, but I tend to get my hook laying on the bottom and if I don't catch for a while I'll bring it up a little but I still never catch, but I usually fish in ponds


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        What is your standard set up?

        Float size
        Line diameter
        Hook size
        Bait being used


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          Well I usually use a 3Bb insert wraggler float , I don't know what diameter the line is because my dad gave me a reel already with line, its 4lb line and I was using size 12- 16 hooks and using maggots, small bits of bread, small pieces of sweet corn and a paste made for pellets, but it must be something I'm doing because I've hardly caught anything in the last 3-4 weeks


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            For a basic set up,

            If you want to get some bites purchase some size 18 or 20 hooks to nylon and fish with single or double maggot, most of your shot should be directly around the waggler with maybe 2 or 3 no8 or no10 shots as droppers down your line (evenly spread between float and hook) so that only around 1/4 on an inch of your float tip is above the water surface once the rig has settled.

            I usually start at dead depth and work my way up the water layers if the bites are slow.

            Feeding is very important especially now it is getting cooler so just feed around 6 or 8 maggots every few minutes and you will get bites if there are fish in the lake.

            Feeding frequency and shotting will come with experience as you get a feel for what the fish want, it is very easy to over feed and accuracy is very important.

            Let me know how it goes.


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              Another point is that the fish are often closer to the bank than what you would think so fish maybe 2 lines one at 5m and one at 15m, this is venue dependant.

              Or perhaps fish and feed maggots at 10 oclock and corn at 2 oclock and meat in the margins.

              All trial and error but we never stop learning.


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                so let me see if i can get this straight...
                Once you place your float onto the line, roughly put it around 3 feet and secure it in place with shots, underarm cast it in.. take the measurement.. move float up etc etc and added afew inches to make space for hook and line on the bed.
                if the float is too high should i first place some smaller shot nearer to the hook and see if it makes a small difference on my visibility of 1/4 inch tip or closer to the float?

                and i usually use method feeders too. so id have the method feeder far out and float is usually at rod length. maybe abit further out.


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                  have you ever tried Golf Aron
                  In darkness we do what we can
                  In daylight we're oblivion


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                    Originally posted by Larry Teepot View Post
                    have you ever tried Golf Aron
                    No i havent, would it be similar to golf?


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                      Watch these aron



                      Just some basic videos there are loads on Youtube


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                        Here is another mate there are lots



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                          well Mi11ennium, those posts are a bit more helpful to the lad, than Larry's effort !!!!


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                            theres a decent Matt Hayes vid on the tube..
                            google matt hayes float fishing..


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                              if you think Matt Hayes Videos are worth watching !!
                              Maybe you should take up GOLF as well!!