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Rod & reel.....a very good place to start

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  • Rod & reel.....a very good place to start

    Ok so here's the first of many...........

    I spent half an hour in my local Angling Direct looking at rods and reels...oh dear! Where to start..?
    I will only be fishing small lakes and not looking at big carp so am I right in thinking a 13Ft match rod would be right? I like the Diawa Sweepfire and the Diawa Sweepfire SW2550 rear drag reel, would this make a good combo for a beginner?


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    Hi simon,definitely a good starting point. You can't really go wrong with daiwa. A lot of people would maybe go for a 12' to start with and if you're not intending to cast to the horizon,this is where I would start. Also have a look at some of the shakespeare mach 1 rods and garbolino,these are all good,and can be picked up for a good price.
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    Alwight tweacle?


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      Thanks Paul. Would I be looking to use size 16 hooks and 4lb line or is that too heavy? also can anyone recommend a make of both hooks & line? How much line would a "standard" float fishing reel hold?

      Thanks again


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        your line to reel ratio is about right,of course hopefully the reel you buy may a spare spool n which case have 3lb on one and perhap slightly heavier on the other,just remember to fill spools to within 3mil of spool lip


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          I think a 13ft rod would be a bit too long for a beginner, you need to get a feel of the rod in your hands and may be clumsy with a 13ft rod, look for a nice 11ft rod such as the mach 1 or mach 2 range from shakespeare. For starters I would say 4lb maxima would be a good starting point on the reel as its a very strong abrasive resistant line. Also take a look at the Drennan red range reels, they are quality for their price and you cant go far wrong with Drennan, even if it is there bottom of the range gear. Hookwise i would be looking at a size 16 b911 or drennan silverfish pellet if the fish are a little smaller,
          Hope this helps.
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