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shrewley pool, warwickshire, near tunnel barn farm.

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  • shrewley pool, warwickshire, near tunnel barn farm.

    any up to date info on this venue kids? fishing it in a club match next Saturday, never been there before. . thanks all in advance.

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    no one ?


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      Hi Bluezulu,

      Haven't replied before as i'm no expert on this, but have fished a club match on it and pleasure fished it once.

      From what I remember it is Carp, no F1's unless very recently stocked which I doubt. it's a natural looking pool rather than a standard commercial. A few pegs have loads of cover, i mean loads, overhanging trees, real birdcage stuff but that means lots of fish and they'll go for the snags lol. Don't remember it being particularly deep.

      The track around it is dodgy, and can topple over a barrow/trolly if you're not careful, but hey its proper fishing for a change.

      Some pegs known as better than others and flyers but cant help with nos i'm afraid, just fish it/ work it out on the day. There is loads of fish in there, all through the size ranges inc some right lumps.

      Most methods should work. The lot. Depending on the standard of your club and which pegs you have, top few weights could be 40-80lb range or more. I know that's vague. A limiting factor could be that the water hasn't warmed up much yet.

      I tried to pleasure fish it once last year and to be honest, it was ridiculous. I was on a slab set out a little in the water and was literally surrounded by fish.They were even coming under the slab I was sitting on. I soon packed up and went home. But the thing is, fish a) know it's Sunday, b) see us coming in a bunch a mile off, so it very probably won't be so daft on your match day.

      All in all a pretty unusual venue and a pleasant change. Hopefully there should be a few fish caught. It's popular with most of the lads in my club.

      Good luck and tight lines !

      Mark V
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        Funnily enough was talking about this venue yesterday on the bank with maggotdrowner who mentioned match he won on there with bulky pellet feeder,and more than doubled everone elses weights,he also said he lost as many as he landed and still has no idea why??? I told him its because hes crap.But if theyre spawning you could be onto a loser.
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          thanks lads for the info, let you know how I get on tomorrow.