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Peatling Parva

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  • Peatling Parva

    We are an elderly club,who have recently had to cancel a match at Naseby Reservoir,due to being given false information re access and walking to pegs.
    After trawling the net we came up with Peatling Parva near Lutterworth which we have booked.
    Do any members have any knowledge about this venue?
    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    Try this link - Peatling Pools, Peatling Parva, Leicestershire.


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      Thanks very much Brian for research. Must say looks o.k,but the sceptic that I am,tend to think that sometimes owners and baliffs speak with "forked tongues" lol.


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        Think you will find that Fisheries UK do the odd visit and update their site so what you read is fairly reliable. May not be uptodate though.


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          A nice venue , well stocked, 4/5 pools if i remember, most pegs accesable by car, quite exposed to the eliments though. Pellet and dead red maggots did it for me.


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            Is that the pools near the airfield.


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              It's got 3 pools

              First pool as you enter is A (also known as Boat Pool) 1 small island at top end 30 pegs max, then you come to Silver pool 15 pegs and it's tight, then around the back of the silver pool you come to B lake.

              All 3 pools fish differently.

              Better pool is A which responds well to Paste both shallow and on the deck also big lumps of bread popped up from bottom to surface wins plenty of matches on here.
              Meat is also a banker hook bait but they like pellet feed.
              Plenty of doubles in here with average between 4lb & 6lb.

              B pool is deeper than A and the fish are of a smaller stamp average about 4lb same tactics work here but less feed also suffers from alot of undertow.

              Silver pool is just as it says mostly silvers (Tench, Skimmers, Roach) but LOADS of them high double fiqures possible from all pegs at 3 to 4 mtr with maggot or pellet (meat good back up for the tench and skimmers).

              Access is okay for disabled as i used to fish it alot with Rugby Disabled Anglers although if wheel chair users are there they will need assistance to some of the pegs on all pools as some of the bank is not friendly.

              Cracking little place and you will re book it once you've been there.
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                thanks everyone for their inputs.


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                  elderly club eh i know a perfect place in west midlands. larford lakes takes you round on a quad bike for 1 pound i think (need 2 keepneats) if intrested try Welcome to Larford Lakes


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                    Many thanks for thought Scoucerman,but our club is in Sheffield,so to go to Larford would be a real hike.
                    We fish 9 matches/yr ..........try to fish 6 localish matches and just 3 using a coach.This is to keep club costs down.
                    Our 3 distant matches this year are the above venue and Boddington(twice).
                    The older members(pensioners),myself included have started to complain about Boddington, as the gate when you get there,cardiac hill to walk up,
                    the walk to best pegs,falling on rocks,is getting to be too much for some of us...............Tight Lines



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                      Bobby should be a LOT better from this year as the work is well under way on platforming the dam end which will make it SAFE for the first time.

                      Not sure as to what is being sorted for the car parking though or the mountain from the small car park, soon as i know though i'll post details.
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