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Advice on Oak pool cob house fisheries

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  • Advice on Oak pool cob house fisheries

    Hi Guys
    Have a match on OAK pool cob house fisheries on saturday, hows it fishing and what are best methods and bait to use on this pool, still learning and in need of your expert advice.

    Cheers Lads.

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    draw peg 14 ull bag up
    nice and tidy pellet fishing keep it simple n just be efficent
    im there satday mate on diff pool
    ull be fine just dont over complicate things


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      Cheers Woody86, have been told it slopes of do you fish the slopes or go that bit further and fish bottom edge of slope. Also is it worth trying upin the water? Good luck Saturday and i'll try for 14, any other pegs to look out for?


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        Oak is closed mate, you should find it's been moved....... hang on I'll check........ yes mate, my boss has contacted your organiser and given him the choice of Wyatts or Laurel Pool.

        Good info from woody tho.... he does ok now and then! Lol


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          Cheers for that fish farmer, if wyatts what is the best way of fishing this as i havent been on that pool, depth inside far out bait ECT.


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            now n then!!!??? cheers mate
            u seen me results on the league!! top fishery tho mate just needs a bit of a wind break n itll be awsome.

            wyatts is a fish race mate keep all your gear to hand u dont wanna let up for a minute to look for sections etc

            if you are pretty handy on pellet fishing ull clean up. fish a short line top3+1 as soon as this dies fish 2 long pellet swims alternate between the two
            keep it steady and ull be ok
            wind picks up hard on there it causes massive undertow judgeing by weather tho u should be ok 4x12 floats short 4x 14 4 x 16 for longer
            fish are small samples sort the bigger fish (1-3lbs) and ull walk it

            i use yellow bungee elastic or soft set 10 latex
            hope this helps mate been as helpful as poss wivout telling everyone everything



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              Thanks for the info, will post results over the weekend.


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                Lol, bit of wind never hurt anyone!

                There you go squirrel, (almost) full instructions from woody - a damn fine angler...... although from wot I'm told, he needs to catch young fisher??? Like he says a lot of small (but very beautiful) carp, but there are quite a lot of bigger ones including the odd lump that don't often get caught.

                What rating is yellow bunjee?? I might have to ban it, lol.

                Good luck sqirrel


                • #9
                  haha 10 -12 mate thats when im flying with them 1-2lb carp
                  on island tomorrow struggling to get to grips with it i must admit
                  gota catch fisher hes me traveling partner tho so quids in hehehe

                  again top venue rewards hard work which i like
                  see u in morning mate


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                    I'm off tomorrow mate, taking nipper to legoland, but good luck. They were spawning on Laugherne today, so might be hard. Mind you, one pleasure angler (practicing match man!) reckons he domne over a ton. He had a lot down the edge and i reckon you'll find a lot close in because they'll be eating the eggs........ roe is banned by the way! Lol.

                    See ya soon


                    • #11
                      Cheers you lot, I now know who to blame if it all goes pear shape, good luck lads on ya match and hope ya nipper likes legoland as much as you!!!