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Free fishing in and around Doncaster

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  • Free fishing in and around Doncaster

    River Ebeck - silver fish, pike (some huge ones), eels, good size chub

    Norton Ponds - silver fish, good size rudd and perch, orfe, carp(only 3 ever seen including a ghost carp), pike, ide

    River Idle - free stretch aswell as paid stretch, pike, silver pish, perch etc

    Shirley pool - silver fish, decent sized pike

    Railway pond(just off tilts hills lane) - carp and tench galore on this little pond, but you have to watch the weegs and lillies.

    River Cheswold (infront of donny prison) - big pike, and perch aswell as other species. Watch out on here where you fish as if you fish on the corner peg you will get charged by the bailiff

    also, you can fish some stretches of the canal and river don. Investigations are currently going on, as a man posing as a bailiff has been seen on the don and canal asking for day ticket money.

    If anyone knows of any more free places let us know, also if you want directions to these places i will try my best to give them, as i cycle to these places so i often take short cuts etc.
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    free fishing

    Hi Tracey could you tell where abouts you can fish on the ebeck for pike and also in front of donny prison I travel by car is there anywhere safe to park near the ebeck cheers Brian


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      Is Shirley pool definately free fishing?


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        shirly pool is definatly free fishing, although not sure what has happened with it. It used to be full of fish, and when we went down during the so called summer, we didn't catch a thing. tench bubbles were seen, but nothing caught.

        As for the river ebeck, best place to fish is by the flush. you would have to park in layby on A19 and walk down to the peg. there is now a bit of a hill to climb but fishing is great. have been a few times this year and have caught loads, mainly little chub, skimmers, rudd, and even a few grayling. Pike are around here too, loads of them
        [I]fishing is for life
        not just for a few weeks


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          ok where are all these places because iv not heard of any of them please help
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            sorry for the bugging lads just needed to now.


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              does any 1 no of any areas around bawtry and harworth that are free


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                just a bit of an update boys been informed by the secretary as from 16th june 2010 Doncaster & District AA will control the fishing rights on the River Don below the Salmon Run upto the 2nd railway bridge and the old Cheswold cut

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                  river torne rossington bridge but you might have to wait 2 days for abite


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                    try cantley pond !! it may still be free fishing, there isa lot of rubbish around it, there are plans for a clean-up & landscape with path proper pegs....


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                      yes i know few years late !! but people still read these forums for assistance !! Free fishing on small pond, top of armthorpe pit tip & pond in Doncaster golf club...


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                        salmon in river don, lecture by chris firth 5th february 2014

                        salmon in the river don !! a talk by environment agency chris firth @ Doncaster museum, chequer road, 5th February 2014 2.30pm possibly free !


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                          armthorpe pit top pond is 'free' but isa long walk from car park, not very big, but clean & tidy..

                          bull-hole in barnby dun may be free now as I don't think anyone one runs it, check first in case details have changed,