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willow marsh

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  • willow marsh

    Can anyone tell me how Willow Marsh is fishing lately. best baits and methods etc. i have a match on the whisper pool soon, so if you have any info on hot pegs etc would be a great help.

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    There is a brick hut on the one bank. the pegs either side of this are the killers, feeder over to the island, macaroni cheese or meat. the only other peg is 13 in the corner but don't fish out to far.

    If you don't draw them you may as well go home. well thats how it was for our match last Sunday. bet you wished you hadn't asked now LOL.

    Nice place, very clean and would go back but maybe on a different pool.

    Good luck

    NEW PB 108lb 2oz, 26/08/2012 Wyatt?s pool, Cobhouse Fishery
    106lb 4oz, 17/08/2011 Laugherne Island pool, Cobhouse Fishery


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      i have won it off a few different pegs on there. never drew by the hut. usually fish either side in the edge with meat or worm and feed casters and pellet. won it last time in april from the bank closest the road fishing the pellet cone in open water with hair rigged corn, then caught on wag and mag fished shallow.


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        mate use his feed pellets fish paste at 7m hit the island with bomb or the cone and meat corn down the inside but they wont come in till later but patse will bag and if your by the hut its game over on the paste i used the koi green swim stim mate
        [SIZE=7][/SIZE][SIZE=7][/SIZE][SIZE=1][/SIZE][SIZE="6"][SIZE=1][SIZE=7]malman floats[COLOR="#FF0000"][/COLOR][SIZE=5][/SIZE][B][/B][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][COLOR="#0000CD"][/COLOR]


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          thanks chaps,
          last year fished a match and drew to the right of the brick hut. didn't do very well and was suprised it is one of the hot pegs. can't remember how i fished it (probably completely wrong by the sounds of it). What sort of target weights should i be aiming for on here?


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            if the pool is full about 40lb
            [SIZE=7][/SIZE][SIZE=7][/SIZE][SIZE=1][/SIZE][SIZE="6"][SIZE=1][SIZE=7]malman floats[COLOR="#FF0000"][/COLOR][SIZE=5][/SIZE][B][/B][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][COLOR="#0000CD"][/COLOR]


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              feed micro pellet with a full worm on the hook.
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