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Loxley fisheries

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  • Loxley fisheries all i wanted to know if it was worth fishing pellet waggler at this venue,ie is there a big enough head of carp,or should i target the chub and barbell,the latter being a t**t to get out on the pole,what methods would you advise for a good day,i really would like to leave the pole at home,cheers all woolyback

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    there use to be a large head of carp up there,at present i would say go for the chub and barbel as for them being a &&&& to get out beef up a bit i have them out no problem and only use 0.13 12 elastic more than enough
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      cheers rich, chub and barbell it will be


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        if you want to leave the pole at home then either maggot feeder or meat feeder with a long tail usually gets the chub and barbel. for the meat feeder grate up a tin of meat and stuff into an open ended feeder with a small cube of meat on a hair.