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Greenhill pool

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  • Greenhill pool

    I have a match there, first weekend in September, most of the other clubmembers have fished it, Im fishing blind as a new advice on depths, rigs, methods and baits would be greatly appreciated.... thanks

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    do a search pal on the site its not changed corn works well but lots of at least 10 tins step up tackle on your rigs all u need is on this site just search


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      i won a match there about a month back i only took corn caught in margins after about a hour weighed 93-6 lbs and my mate won the week after with 107lbs but he caught right on edge of pallet he was fishing off he put his nets one side and fished the other cracking venue.
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        ask nick or m george wen ya get there m8


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          i was on there sunday on curlew pool (top).
          if ya can afford it buy 6 pints of maggots and fish the caster on the need to go out just fish on the hay bails from the start.
          192lb won our match its awesome m8.


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            Depths vary from 12" to about 4 foot. You will only need to fish the margins and top 3 or 4 out in front. Couple of kilo bags of corn. Just keep dropping 4 or 5 grains in on all your lines all the time and they will come. I only fish it with my margin pole as there is no need to go long and I am fairly confident nothing will break. Preston 19H elastic, 0.21 or .20 line to a size 16 or 14 mt3 or such like. Festivals on at moment and is taking a real hammering. Will still be fishing well come september. My next match there is the last week in august so pm me and I can fill you in more detail of pegs etc. Would pm you but will probably forget!


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              Fished new pool saturday 8/8/09 121lb won maggot 3 foot from bank, shyed away from corn until last hour, resist the temptation to chase visible fish up in the water
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                anyone wanna let me on a club match at greenhills ?