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stockton res

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  • stockton res

    any info on how to fish stockton res would be appreciated baits and method Thanks joe

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    No one fished stockton come on lads & lasses


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      Two main ways. One carp, one roach/rudd. If you draw near the islands then its obviously carp. Method close to the island as possible. There are lots of reeds around the lake and crp can be caught down the inside. Catmeat is good. If you're on the right hand bank amonst all the reeds fish close down the inside and feeder out to the reeds. There are big carp in the lake 10lb+ so you need to beef up the gear.
      In the open water you can use pellet waggler as well as method feeder. Not all the open pegs fish so you can try for the roach. Some pegs will produce 20lb + of roach.
      Bait wise I would take 1pt casters and hemp. 2 - 3 bags feed pellet. Tin cat meat. Hook pellets. 6 and 8mm. Pole elastic at least 20 for the carp. The roach are 4 - 8oz fish.
      Its about 4ft deep, top 2.
      Hope this helps



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        Thanks fred we are on the right when going in also on the method what hook bait.


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          There is a map of the water on the stockton web site. It has all the peg numbers on it. Might help.
          I use soft 6 - 8mm pellet for the hook but meat and corn works as well. There are lots of pegs with reeds around them on the right. From 55 around till 45 has a lot of reeds opposite and hold some big carp. You can also catch down the inside by putting in some feed pellet and fishing meat over the top. From 45 down to 26 is open water and ideal for the method.


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            Thanks Fred


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              1 to 25 are on the boards with the favoured pegs drawing the end of an island chuck the method to the island, fed along the boards theres some big lumps get under there, but you will need stong gear, you can do a weight of silvers if the carp are not having a go, but some one will have a few carp and rule them out of winning. once you get past the last island you will struggle and pegs 17 to 25 dont win at all. As fred said the opposite side has a lot more features to fish to in the reed beds, pegs in the higher twenties can throw up a few chub, especially if yo have an empty platform to fish too. Pellet wag is an option into the open water as is floating dog biscuit.



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                Thanks Brian


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                  Hi Chaps

                  We fished it 4 weeks ago and it was won off peg 52 if I remember right.Winner fished out into open water on the method weighed 75lbs butl lost a lot of fiish.Used micros round the method and 8mm banded pellet on the hook , mind you he was catching them at distance 80-90 yards. Oh bye the way if you haven't fished it for a while your in for a shock !!! British Waterways have cut all the reed back is very barren now.