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West Midlands Fishing Venues

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  • West Midlands Fishing Venues

    Hi. I've recently picked up my rod & reel for the first time in 25 years, along with my Dad & Brother, and we are really enjoying getting back into it. We first went along to Foxhills Fishery which is on the borders of Birmingham & Walsall & while not the most picturesque of settings had a very successful day of catching many small roach Skimmer Bream and Dad bagged a fantastic Carp. Our second outing came yesterday at Kingsbury Water Park, which having looked at their website & literature we had high hopes for. Conditions weren't ideal being very hot and sunny but while the location was very beautiful, in complete contrast to our first trip the fishing was more than useless. In ten hours of fishing my brother & I got nothing & my Dad got 2 small Roach at the very end!

    My reason for writing is for any good suggestions of day ticket venues you know of where we can go in the West Midlands area. We're not necessarily after monster Carp, just after somewhere where there is a good chance of catching a few varied fish to get us back into the swing of things. Perhaps some Tench & Bream. Any suggestions we be very much appreciated. Cheers, Richard.

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    coppice lane near hammerwich,
    pipehill fishery in lichfield,
    curborough fishery in lichfield,

    ang google fisheries n then go down to the bottom n go on west midlands n loads of fisherys come up. - Fisheries in the Midlands
    tht the link ^^^^^^^^^^


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      boldings cudmore larford drayton resevaior aston eyre plenty of places for bream in birmingham all of tese are telford way apart from dray 1hr from birmingham
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        Try Packington somers,plenty to go at and most methods should catch you a few.
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          I too would recommend Packington Somers Fishery. A very big complex with 8 or 9 lakes, varying in size, types of fishing, species etc. You can park behind your peg in most pegs, staff more than helpful & prices are very fair.

          If your after plenty of fish, then make the journey to Manor Farm Leisure in Harvington, about 40mins from Solihull. I guarantee you a bite every put in if pleasure fishing, no matter which lake.

          If you enjoyed Kingsbury Water Park, then the above venues will make you realise how poor the fishing is & how expensive Kingsbury Water Park is.

          Also worth a trip to Earls Wood Lakes in Solihull, fish the engine lake and you will catch if in the right pegs. Fish now average 8-12lb, so slightly different fishing to the venues above.

          You live in possibly the best area of the UK for match fishing, so your spoilt for choice really.



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            Hi Richard75

            2 cracking places where you cant fail to catch are Riddings Fishery which is in Grendon near Tamworth Tel - 01827 713 244 you could fish the match pool, the crucian pool or the Folly pool but i would phone 1st as they have quite a few matches on there.

            The other place is Bonehill Mill Fishery in Fazeley, also near Tamworth Tel - 07861 391 916 where you have the choice of 3 pools but i would fish on the big pool if you get the chance.

            All the best and let me know how you get on.
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              Hi Richard, for a good days fishing for all species not just carp try makins fisheries on phase 2 or 3. Again though you may have to phone first to check if contest on.


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                hi rich
                theres loads to chose from mate but if you want my advice go to larford its the best fishery in the country.


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                  hi, if i was going to choose a day out ill prob choose earlswod lakes, an would fish the engine lake somewhere inbetween pegs 60-80, if u fish the feeder or the bomb you will have a good day or perhaps try the pellet waggler if u wanna catch carp, its also has alot of bream an roach u could catch aswell


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                    Hi all.

                    Thank you for the suggestions. It's a fantastic help to have personal recommendations rather than searching fisheries own websites which I guess are always going to talk up how good they are, irrelevant of how near the to truth it is (Kingsbury Water Park!). Think we'll be giving the highly recommended Packington Somers a go next, which is only about 20 minutes away from me, but I'm sure I'll make my way through the other suggestions before long. Will report back and let you know how we go. Thanks again. It really is very much appreciated.

                    Cheers, Richard.