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Boddington Reservoir

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  • Boddington Reservoir

    Hi, anyone know anything about this place. Baits, methods, best pegs etc?

    Also I'm going on a pleasure fishing trip so how busy is it likely to be on a weekend?


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    Boddingtons is a superb place. A big reservoir, whiich now has permanent pegs down to about peg 80, after that you will need a foot platform/platform. Take your trolley.

    Depths vary due to the amount of water taken out, especially in summer.

    Best pegs usually anywhere from 80 onwards the one's just before the point and after are best, mid 90s early 100s.

    You can catch on the pole, bomb, method, pellet waggler, splashing groundbait wag.

    One of the best methods is to fish at about 20 metres with a straight lead and loose feed over the top with the aim of getting them to come up in the water for the pellet wag.

    You can catch on the pole but you need to fish around 8 metres out to avoid the rocks on the bottom.

    Tackle wise: On the bomb/pellet wag, 8lb main line to 0.22 hook length. Dont go any lighter.

    Pole: pellet and paste is best. use a margin pole with something like a vespe 25 elastic. I use a 2gm maver paste float with 10lb maxima to 8lb maxima hook length. You need a heavy float to counteract the tow.

    Bait wise: I would take minimum 10 pints of 8mm pellets for feed and the hook with some 10mm for hook change bait on the bomb and wag. Green swim stim as paste hookbait. On a good day you will be looking for minimum 250llb, a lot more, if it fishes well

    KEEPNETS NOT ALLOWED. Only in matches

    if you get them going your arm will be hanging off by the end of the day.

    Check with the bailiiff i found that at weekends it was virtually impossible to get a peg due to the amount of matches. You are best off going in the week but there are also a lot of matches on as well.

    You can contact the bailiff (Ken) on 07740534891 he will put you right.


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      Thanks for the in depth reply, sounds like a top venue...

      now to get a day off work!
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        it is 1 of the best places you will ever go mate we had a match there 180lb won it and it was cold and wet its full of carp and we did well using white choc boilies