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River Welland - Spalding Area

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  • River Welland - Spalding Area

    Anybody fished this of late, or know any good tactics.
    Just to restrict the answer, I only fish waggler :lol:

    Used to lake fishing, so have been blessed with regular catches.

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    Just thought i'd bump this up, as going this weekend.

    Any advice on bait would be appreciated.


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      One final 'bump' in case of any advice, as i'll be off tomorrow away from the laptop.



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        I'm guessing not too many people fishing this location.

        Offski in a second to stay overnight, then an early start tomorrow for a full days fishing.

        Will let you know how it goes (fingers crossed, but I think a bit of time assesing where and what to fish (over the 60m wide river *doh* when I get there).


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          Well, it was actually the coronation canal we went too.

          60m certainly was.

          Was actually very enjoyable having a more challenging water than the commercial I go to usually.

          Fishing on maggot (occasionaly worm), and ended up with 19 'tiddlers' for the day. Not dissappointing by any means, and an enjoyable day.
          The wind was the hardest part, with the waves easily toppling the the float, and the wind also pushing the flot along the river quicker than would like. But cant control mother nature.

          My mate did better. 3-4 1-2lb perch, and a 1.5-2lb bream. His dad also got a couple of 1-2lb perch, and a 2lb eel.

          A mixed bag, but enjoyable (but I still love my carp )

          For future advice (for anybody that is thinking of going) unfortunately i'm none the wiser of whats best. Theres certainly fish in there, and we fishing within 3m of the bank. Worm was best for the larger fish.