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Curborough new pool

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  • Curborough new pool

    hi guys got a match on Curborough new pool tommorrow any tips would be helpfull thanks

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    If new pool is the one with the seperate car park and the island then pellet should see you through or a chuck with a method to the island if they are not having it on the pole line


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      chuck in loads of hemp and corn on a long pole line and in the edge. some people getting through upto 10 tins of corn. some also cup in slop down the edge and fish paste over the top.
      peg 24 is the best peg on the pool. method will catch fish so will waggler if by island or on high numbers casting on top of sunken island


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        ok thanks guys let u know 2moz ow i get on


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          a mate of mine has just done the match record on it and all he will do is just feed loads of hemp and corn and fish corn or meet on the hook but will always fish very close in to the margins


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            hi guys thanks for that i came 7th with 20lb 37lb won it i had lots of small goldfish luvly colors i fished the margin with corn and it went dead so i tried double red maggot and that worked as well i got some 3mm pellets from hut and as i was throwing them in you could see the mass of orange so i just dropped my rig in and virtualy caught every time only small fish lots of work but fun!!!