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Hampton Springs

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  • Hampton Springs

    I've got a civil service match coming up in September and understand it will be spread over 4 ponds.

    1 section on Rock pool
    1 section on Meadows
    2 sections on Long island
    2 section on Willows

    Anyone have any idea how to make a general approach as the venue is too far away to have a look at. We won't know what lake we are on till the day so I don't want to spend loads on bait that won't be used up.

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    Not to sure but i live about 45 mins away and it,s always in fish report of local paper every thursday and it,s always big bags from there sometimes over a ton,A lot of pole anglers fish the matches and use ,pellets for carp mainly they also corn ,meat a very good venue they always seem to catch plenty. Why dont you phone and speak to the owner i,m sure he would answer any questions you have .Hope this helped a bit.


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      Heres their rules
      v Barbless hooks only, maximum hook size 10

      v No keep nets except during matches

      v Banned baits Groundbait


      Floating baits (incl bread & pellets)

      Pet food

      Trout pellets

      Boilies, bloodworm, joker

      Peanuts and Tigernuts

      v No open-ended feeders may be used

      v Only coarse pellets purchased from Hampton Springs may be used

      v Chopped worm - half a kilo limit

      v No braided line

      v Fishing only allowed off stands provided

      v Rods and equipment must not be left unattended

      v No radios to be played when fishing

      v No dogs allowed around the fishery at anytime

      v No children under 14 to be left unsupervised

      v All landing nets to be dipped in the disinfectant tanks prior to use (and keep nets if in fishing match)

      v No swimming

      v No stoves or cooking at fishery

      Litter must be placed in the bins provided

      The management will not be held responsible for the loss of tackle, personal injury or damage to cars and reserve the right to amend the rules at any given time.


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        Here are match results

        Position Team Weight Lake/Peg Comments
        1.Martin Churchill weston tackle 86lbs12oz Rock pool/ 17 all carp to 14lb, margins, pellet & corn
        2.Julian Tatton Chester Tackle Locker 63lbs8oz Rock pool / 10 14lb crucians, 50lb carp & barbel.
        3.Rob Denny Rod'n'reel 60lbs4oz Long island / 10 45lb carp to 10lb. 15lb crucians, margins meat/corn

        Date: Saturday, August 15, 2009

        Position Team Weight Lake/Peg Comments
        1.Chris Diamond Eddies Bait Supplies 53lbs8oz Long island/ 28 all carp on tip & corn
        2.Tom Gollins Warners tackle 52lbs Long island / 14 30lb stockies on pole/pellet. 22lb silvers & crucians on maggot
        3.Phil Weaver Chester tackle Locker 51lbs8oz Long island / 20 30lb carp, 21lb crucians & tench, pole at 5m on pellet

        Date: Thursday, August 13, 2009

        Position Team Weight Lake/Peg Comments
        1.Chris Diamond eddies bait supplies 92lbs10oz Rock pool/ 7 all at 16m shallow
        2.Martin Churchill weston tackle 77lbs8oz Rock pool / 3 17m shallow & margins
        3.Kevin Williams deggy's tackle 61lbs10oz Rock pool / 23 all margins

        Date: Sunday, August 09, 2009

        Position Team Weight Lake/Peg Comments
        1.Martin Churchhill weston tackle 140lbs8oz Long island/ 28 all carp to 12lb. Shallow pellet at 14m pellet 7 corn in margins
        2.John Cheetham widnes angling centre 56lbs4oz Long island / 31 40lb carp to 8lb. 16lb crucians, tench, barbel. hemp & meat at 10m corn & meat in margins
        3.Chris Jones crewe match group 50lbs6oz Rock pool / 28 20lb barbel to 7lb, 30lb carp to 6lb. Pellet at 10m, meat /corn/pellet in margins

        Date: Saturday, August 08, 2009

        Position Team Weight Lake/Peg Comments
        1.Steve Boyd Saints 100lbs4oz Rock pool/ 31 60lb carp & barbel. 40lb chub & tench. pellet & meat to island
        2.Andy Spencer Chester tackle Locker 47lbs Rock pool / 29 carp & barbel, pole to island on pellet 17m
        3.Martin Churchill Weston tackle 46lbs4oz Rock pool / 23 all carp to 8lb. Tip to gap and shallow pellet

        Date: Sunday, August 02, 2009

        Position Team Weight Lake/Peg Comments
        1.Martin Churchill weston tackle 103lbs12oz Rock pool/ 2 all carp to 14lb. margins, pellet/corn/expanders
        2.Chris Jones Crewe match group 60lbs4oz Long island / 40 45lb carp to 8lb, margins/corn/meat. 15lb crucians & chub
        3.Dave Wilcox Eastham Angling centre 54lbs12oz Rock pool / 23 all carp to 10lb. Tip to gap on pellet & meat. Corn/pellet in margins

        Date: Saturday, August 01, 2009

        Position Team Weight Lake/Peg Comments
        1.Martin Wedley Lionel's tackle 96lbs Long island/ 49 carp to 12lb, meat/corn/pellet
        2.Mike Potts Platform UK 65lbs12oz Long island / 14 52lbcarbel/tench. 14lb silvers, crucians. Worm/caster at 8m, maggot in margins
        3.Paul Rees Holywell AC 42lbs4oz Long island / 28 30lbcarp in margins, corn/pellet. 12lb crucians on pellet


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          how do you enter the civil service match?


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            There are normally qualifiers held around the country. The final normally has 11 or 12 teams of six. It's open to members of the civil service sports association.

            Cheers for the replies looks like bomb and pellet.


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              fished amatch on willow last weekend 60ld won the match the winner fished worm tight to island in 10inch of water 2nd fished worm on the deck at 8 metres take worm with you i fished pellet corn and meat and struggled