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Evesham Festival Saturday Match

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  • Evesham Festival Saturday Match

    One of our juniors, age 14. has won a competition in Matchfishing for a place in Saturdays match on the Avon in Evesham.

    He is not a river angler at all, but we would like him to catch a few fish on the day.

    Any info welcome, partcularly which pegs you can feeder fish for barbel and bream, types of baits etc.

    Hope yoy can help out, it will be the biggest day of his life,

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    Cant see much point in him catching a few small fish!
    Think he needs to fish for big fish where ever he draws!
    There are also large tench eels and bream to be had,pellet would be a bit to selective towards barbel which arent on every peg so i would reccomend fishing the worm on feeder
    with caster and groundbait!
    and GOOD LUCK to him
    see you there


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      A small maggot feeder about 3 quarters over with .14 hooklength,18 hook will get him the odd eel and perch,if he draws a known barbel area ,fish for them ALL day with 10/12 mm halibut pellet and hemp/ a few 4 mm pellet in the feeder,use a proper barbel hook size 14 will do ,to 8lb hook length.I f not on a barbel peg just fish that maggot feeder and a chopped worm line down the inside(just over any lillypads etc)use the pole on this with biggish float(2g)and .15 hook length minimum,feed this every half hour with chopped worm and caster via a big bait dropper,and set the rig well over depth (8 -12")with a full worm on a strong size 14 hook.keep it very still.Use black hydro minimum .Thats a few simple methods thatcan win the match,there are more but u need to be good on them to win,so as he is inexperienced on rivers just keep it simple.your just as well coming last having fished positive(to win) than come anywhere out of the money.


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        ask avonman


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          Thanks for all that.
          Does anybody know which are the big fish pegs, particularly the barbel pegs?
          He has never caught one, so it would be good for him to have a chance.


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            26-32 have chance of Barbel