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larford specimen pool help

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  • larford specimen pool help

    hi i have a match the next week i think pegs 40 to 80 i have never fished it before. so what fish shud i be targeting carp or bream? and on which methods and baits o and how deep is it and which r the best pegs out of the ones i am on?? cheers

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    Has anyone fished it then plz??


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      i think the higher numbers are about the best at the moment high 60's to 70's but that can change,it is effected by wind and the undertow can be bad ,the method seems to be pellet wag if conditions are ok,or straight lead on the same line feeding 8 mm pellets,dont be afraid to use big pellets on the hook 12mm's work,also you need a margin peg with whatever you feel comfortable fishing - paste,corn meat all work,but there are some big boys in there so dont skimp on hoo size or line dia.


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        hi mate
        funny place thing is do you target bream or carp
        my advice is stick to your strenghts dont go chasing fish with loads of differnt methods
        stick to pole target bream keep feeding and carp will move inand push bream out plus you keep topping up your weight with bream

        keep feeding margins and try it late in match
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          chuck the method on the pellet waggler line and change over if weather allows after a couple of hours so you can prime the swim, feed a pole line and fish it at the end or put your method out short as the lumps are big and plentiful